About GuitarVGuitar

GvG is a guitar comparison site that aims to help you find the right guitar, no matter what your budget or style.

There are now an overwhelming number of guitars to choose from and often their differences are not clear.

Researching and buying guitars, especially when you're on a specific budget, has become increasingly time consuming. Like any product, you need to weigh up different criteria and ultimately narrow down your options before you make that purchase.

That's where we can help. We compare guitars side-by-side by spec, reviews & ratings, sound and price (we'll also show you the cheapest place to buy). Plus, we go in depth and explain exactly what the key differences are.

Comparing Guitar Spec

Manufacturer websites and online music stores offer specification details of varying detail. But they don't offer clear, side-by-side comparisons between guitars like we do. This can be frustrating, as you might want to know what makes one model truly different from the next... and it can be very subtle!

A lot of similar models have purely cosmetic differences, so it's good to clear that up before you fork out more (sometimes several hundreds more) of your hard earned for what is essentially the same guitar as a cheaper model.

We help you understand these key differences so you know exactly what you'll be playing.

Comparing Reviews & Ratings

No comparison would be complete without the opinions of people who've actually owned the guitars. That's why we scour the web for the most comprehensive sources of user opinion. We also provide links to these sources in one convenient place so you can read what people think.

We then use a weighting algorithm to establish the overall rating.

Of course, reviews and ratings are always subjective. But it's a useful indicator of quality and bang for buck in the guitar's price range.

Comparing Sound

Sound is obviously a large factor in deciding which guitar is right for you.

We find the clearest, highest quality demo videos on Youtube to give you a general idea of how the guitars perform, and embed them side by side in the same table, so all you need to do is click "play" and compare.

Price Comparison

We specify the price you'd expect to pay for the guitar both new and used. We also show you the cheapest places to buy online so you don't pay more than you need to.

Typically, the best place to buy is through Amazon's marketplace, as they include independent stores (with good customer ratings) that frequently undercut the "big boys" (including Amazon's own offering).

Save time > save money > Play Happy

In short, we're here to save you time as you search for your ideal guitar and money when you make the purchase.

Our passion for guitar has inspired us to create this site and we hope to make your search more enjoyable and your purchase all the more satisfying to play!

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