Deluxe Vs Standard Stratocaster

Fender American Deluxe StratocasterFender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Fender American Standard StratocasterFender American Standard Stratocaster

While the American Standard Stratocaster has come to be seen as a benchmark for quality, some players are looking for that little bit extra.

The American Deluxe Strat, at $400 more than the Standard, offers improved playability, locking tuners, noiseless pickups and S-1 tone switching. We'll look at the differences individually further down the page.

See the table below for a summary...

Fender American Deluxe Vs American Standard

Although the main components and materials are the same, the differences lie in the more specialist hardware and electronics...

Model American Deluxe American Standard
Rating 94
(over $1000)
(over $1000)
Ultimate Guitar
Harmony Central
Musicians Friend
Ultimate Guitar
Harmony Central
Musicians Friend
Model American Deluxe American Standard
Weight 3.5 kg / 7 lbs 13 oz 3.6 kg / 7lbs 14 oz
Tuners Deluxe Staggered (Locking) Fender Standard Cast Staggered
Neck Bolt-on Maple
Modern C
Scale Length 25.5"
Nut Material Synthetic Bone
Nut Width 1.685"
Fingerboard Rosewood or Maple
Fingerboard Radius 9.5-14" Compound Radius 9.5"
Frets 22 Medium Jumbo
Inlays Pearloid Dot (Rosewood)
Black Dot (Maple)
Body Select Alder Alder
Pickups Noiseless N3 Single Coil x3
with S-1 Switch
Custom Shop Fat '50s Single Coil x3
Bridge 2-Point Deluxe Synchronized Tremolo with Pop-In Arm Synchronized Tremolo with Bent Steel Saddles
American Deluxe American Standard

American Deluxe American Standard
Musicians Friend
Musicians Friend

Differences between The deluxe & Standard Strat

The Deluxe is technically an "optimised Standard Strat", with more than merely cosmetic differences.

Fender American Standard & Deluxe Strat bridge comparisonStandard (top) and Deluxe bridges


Tuning stability has never been considered an issue with the American Standard. Nevertheless Fender have opted to install locking tuners on the Deluxe, giving the aggressive strummers/pickers and extreme dive-bombers that extra reassurance.

On the subject of whammy action, the tremolo arm is "pop-in" on the Deluxe, compared to the more traditional screw-in arm on the Standard. For what it's worth, the Standard does retain the vintage, "bent" saddles unlike the Deluxe.


Neck radius comparison between Standard and Deluxe StratocasterImage courtesty of

Many players have found the Deluxe's compound radius neck more comfortable to play than the standard uniform radius necks.

Compound radius basically means the neck gets larger and flatter towards the body end, with a smaller, rounder profile at the nut.

The result is easier chording at the lower frets, easier bending higher up and overall a more consistent string height, meaning less adaptation of fingering required as you move across the neck. It's a form of compensation for how your fret work is required to change from one end of the neck to the other. So it should be an overall smoother experience.

If comfort and consistency is a priority for you, then the compound radius neck alone may make the Deluxe worth the extra money.


S-1 Switch on the American Deluxe StratocasterFresh Strat tones just a button push away on the Deluxe

Another key difference lies in the pickups, with the Deluxe housing Noiseless N3 single coils.

If you've ever played single coils on stage or on a recording, you'll be familiar with the often overbearing hum they can emit, especially under gain/distortion. The N3's are exceptionally quiet, meaning less reliance on a noise gate, which can suck tone.

Furthermore, an array of additional tones can be attained from the Deluxe through its S-1 switch feature. Similar to the coil tapping feature you see on many humbucking models, simply press down the top of the volume knob for more tonal options from your 5-way pickup switch.

Switched on, you'll be able to dial in fatter, more humbucker-like tones - great for heavier styles. But words can't do justice what your own experimentation will yield.

The S-1 switch further re-affirms the Strat as one of (if not) the most versatile guitars available.

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Bottom Line

For those who can afford the American Standard, paying an extra $400 to get the additional features of the Deluxe is not unreasonable.

These features - the more comfortable neck, greater tuning stability, noiseless pickups and sonic tonal possibilities atypical of a single coil Strat - are genuinely useful to the professional musician and represent a richer, more playable and wholly modernised incarnation of this classic guitar.

It's no wonder that we've found the Deluxe to be the highest rated Strat available new today.

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