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Les Paul guitar

The Gibson SG was developed as a thinner, double-cutaway version of the Les Paul. Today it remains Gibson's best selling guitar of all time.

But there are also modified SG copies to consider, by brands such as ESP, and popular budget versions by Gibson's subsidiary, Epiphone.

Here we aim to compare SG's from all price ranges and factories by bringing together user reviews, ratings, specs and video demos. No matter what your budget, we'll help you find the right SG guitar.

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Top 3 SG Guitars

Over $500

1. ESP LTD Viper-1000 Deluxe

2. Gibson SG Standard

3. Gibson SG Special

Under $500

1. ESP LTD Viper-100FM

2. Epiphone G-400 Pro

3. Epiphone G-310

Gibson SG Standard in Heritage CHerryClassic SG mahogany body with double cutaway and dual humbuckers

What Makes an SG Guitar?

Your typical SG can be seen as a hybridization of the Les Paul - with its mahogany body, dual humbuckers and fixed, stoptail bridge - and the Stratocaster - with its double cutaway and slim, flat top body spec, without the maple top of many Les Paul models.

However, tone-wise it's much closer to the deep, warm sounds of the Les Paul. The neck also typically conforms to the Les Paul spec - set-in (as opposed to bolted on) to the body, 24.75" scale length and rosewood fretboard.

The instantly recognisable "devil horns" double cutaway gives players unrestricted access to those higher frets, while the mahogany body and humbuckers retain the depth and power of the Les Paul.

Gibson SG

Gibson SG headstockGibson SG headstock

There are two main Gibson USA SG models - the Standard and Special, the latter being the cheaper of the two with mainly cosmetic "downgrades".

The SG Standard remains Gibson's all time best selling model. The spec changes slightly every year with a new reissue, but the fundamentals (see above) remain the same.

There's also a P-90 version of the Standard with single coils as opposed to the traditional humbuckers for an overall brighter sound.

Epiphone SG

Epiphone (a subsidiary of Gibson) produce two main budget SG models - the G-330 and G-400.

The significant difference in price is down to the lower quality of the materials, hardware, pickups and, as most Epiphones are produced in China, cheaper labour costs.

However, if you're looking for an SG on a tight budget, Epiphone are a reliable choice, with overall quality being better than ever.

The G-400 Pro offers coil tapping (switchable single coil tones from your humbuckers) and gets surprisingly close to the Gibson Standard.

ESP LTD Viper 1000FMESP LTD Viper 1000FM

SG "Copies"

ESP manufacture the most popular and acclaimed non-Gibson SG style guitar through their Viper range.

These axes are optimised for heavier styles such as metal, shredding and modern rock, thanks in part to the hotter pickups - with active electronics and EMG pickups in the higher end Vipers.

They also boast more lavish finishes than the traditional SG, such as flamed maple, and extra jumbo frets for ease of bending.

All in all, worth considering along side the Gibson or Epiphone counterparts, especially if you're looking for an SG with a "twist". Use our comparison menu at the top of this page to get started...

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